"The important thing is never to stop questioning."


- Albert Einstein




Welcome to my web page

I am a British-born Canadian writer and photographer with a love of travel. My home is in beautiful British Columbia, Canada, although I spent a good part of my life in England. An adventuress of sorts, I have travelled to many places, and speak a little French, Arabic, and Spanish, which has helped me along the way.

My interests include travel, military history, history, foreign culture, comparative religion, philosophy, mystic arts, alternative medicine, horses, dogs, wildlife, art, antiques, world music, genealogy, architecture, archaeology, anthropology, psychology, spirituality.........and yet more. The music, dance, art, food, philosophies, and religions of the people with whom I share the planet are a source of joy to me. Along with many life experiences, my  diverse interests and eclectic tastes have enabled me to add 'soul' to my writing.

With a lengthy career as a business professional under my belt, I am now focussing on  writing, photography and travel. This may include journalistic and photo journalistic assignments, as well as business content writing, editing, event photography, or interesting travel related projects. Drawing on my business background and knowledge of marketing psychology, I  create business communications content with flair and persuasive style. My photos capture the moment, portraying the mood and essence of the subject. I am  seeking  any interesting assignments of any kind, so I can put my camera and pencil to work.  If I can exercise my passport too, so much the better.

Please click on the titles on the left hand side,  read a little of my writing, and look at my photographs. Write to me. I would love to hear from you and, if you need a writer or photographer, please consider me. Click on "Contact me now", above left.

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